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By Ingie B Nalagon

My name is Ingie.

I am from the Philippines and have been working in Singapore for 8 years as a FDW. I enjoy learning and writing to express my emotions. I sing to calm myself down whenever I'm under pressure. I'm actively involved with a volleyball team, Singapore Migrant Friends (SMF),and also volunteer at CMSC. I enjoy helping and supporting my fellow migrant workers.


Sunrise is mostly associated with peace and serenity. It has been assumed that the mere pleasant sight of sunrise inculcates calmness in our minds. Added, a little smile from our face.

I would like to share the story of this picture.

She's kind of cute friend , hmm let's say a small sister.

She always shares her sunrise's experiences with me, by sending me all her sunrise captured moment most of the day.

I really felt that I was at the scene too, that worth taking time to stare on those photos.

She's a kind of cheerer in my gloomy days whenever I'm stuck with busyness and somehow fed up with my work environment.

Her smiles represent the sunrise for me whenever we talk and share our thoughts.

I felt like I have been purified from all the worries and troubles of my daily life here .

I thanked her for making me experience that serene experience of nature.



By Sazu


Dancing in the storm by Sazu

There are some things in our lives that easily take place in our hearts forever. It could be a person, a place or a picture. Special moments and memories remind us of what we once held dear.

I go to a secret place where no one knows. My mind travels back to the past and I smile at nostalgia. I get lost in the memories of my childhood. I get lost in time at the playground with my friends. I recall college chats with friends about the mundane and about dreams. I get lost in exciting memories of river fishing. I revisit a Football game played in the rain.

But storms happen. Time never comes back and precious things get lost. Friends grow up and move on. Everyone is busy with their work and family. Some live in the country and some move abroad. We lose touch and I miss them. But I know that we can never go back to the past.

My hope is that someday we will meet those who were close to our heart once again. We will talk about the old days, 10-15 years ago.

It is a fact that time does not stop. I have lost much over time, but I remember that I have also gained in other ways. The past is a good place to visit but not a good place to stay. There will continue to be many obstacles and many things we lose along the way. But we should not be upset about the storms that come into our lives.

Because, Life isn't about waiting for the storms storms to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

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