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LETTERS Webisodes

LETTERS - (Saindhavi) - Kannurangu

In this webisode, prolific playback singer Saindhavi Prakash discusses the importance of sleep, and shares some helpful habits that will help to promote restful sleep. 

She then proceeds to serenade us and our migrant brothers with Kannurangu, a lullaby, written by Vinaita Sivakumar! 

LETTERS - (Jayati Chakraborty) - Aamar Bhitoro Bahire

This may be a very difficult and stressful season for our migrant friends who we may be experiencing lots of restless nights. Poor sleep can affect mental health and well-being. Jayati Chakraborty renders a beautiful lullaby for us all and provides some tips on how to get good sleep! 

Our very own Keziah Trisha Mars from Singapore Migrant Friends also shared her very own experience of the things that keep her up at night through a heartfelt poem titled ‘In deep and Long nostalgic nights’. 

Please enjoy, watch it again before you sleep and share this letter with others! ❤

LETTERS - (Iman Chakraboty x Jeremy Monteiro) - Prano Bhoriye

In collaboration with The TENG EnsembleIman Chakraborty, and Jeremy Monteiro, LETTERS is an uplifting webisode featuring poetry, music and messages of hope, strength and resilience.

In the Bengali webisode, national award-winning playback singer Iman Chakraborty starts by reciting "Prano Bhoriye" by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. She proceeds to explain the poem’s meaning and encourages the viewer to imbibe the meaning of the poem to gain strength. She is joined by Singapore’s jazz legend Jeremy Monteiro to perform the poem as a musical piece. Also, a shoutout to Sharif Uddin and his poem "House Arrest in the City of Dreams"!

LETTERS - Shabir & The Teng Ensemble

Art has the power to strengthen hearts and minds in an inexplicable way. Shabir will be reciting, annotating and performing Thedichor by the great Tamil poet Bharathiyar with The TENG Ensemble on Letters, which is an initiative to share ideas of resilience and courage to our migrant friends through meaningful poems and music.

Presenting you Letters ❤️

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